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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Our homes are places of retreats from our hectic lifestyle, and bathrooms, in particular, are becoming luxurious private spas for soothing relief after long working days. With many bathroom remodeling ideas including multi-jet showers, heated bathroom floors, steam showers and lighting - indeed bathroom remodeling projects strive to renovate your bathroom into noting less than a deluxe getaway from modern chaos.

As people are looking to spend more quality time at home, a leading bathroom remodeling idea is increasing bathroom interior space with wall demolition, to create a more functional and comfortable bathroom. Tearing down walls to enlarge the current bathroom, is a popular remodeling trend to accommodate the latest bathroom fashion, such as vintage d├ęcor, and separate shower and bathtub units. The above-counter sink is a perfect bathroom remodeling idea to incorporate a functional plumbing fixture which is also an ornamental basin.

Vintage furniture in the form of unique towel racks and exquisite sitting chairs and storage armoires - all enliven the bathroom space with exciting new forms. Combing different textures and materials is carried out in most successful bathroom designs. Stylish bathroom fixtures are made from a range of different materials including glass, chrome, china and stainless steel, and infuse the new bathroom with eye-catching texture contrast.

Natural or bold colors are trendy colors to enhance the character and unique style of the bathroom. Apart from the popular white, natural colors - reds, greens, blues, terra cotta and rust, are also included in the bathroom renovation for a timeless design.

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