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Located in bathrooms and restrooms, toilets are vital components of modern lifestyle. As part of bathroom remodeling, toilet renovation is a popular trend with a spectrum of designs to select from. Ranging from custom toilet construction to water efficient toilet replacement, indeed toilet remodeling will enhance the overall style and character of your bathroom.

Toilets Remodeling NY Services include but not limited to:

A variety of toilet designs are available to select from, such as traditional high level toilets, contemporary close coupled toilets, and fashion forward back to wall and wall hung toilets. A close coupled toilet design positions the water tank directly on top of the bowl. For concealed water tanks, a back to wall toilet bowl fits tight into a furniture unit hiding the tank. Consider further the sleek wall hung toilet, in which a suspended toilet appears almost to float on the wall which also hides the water tank. For a traditional toilet design, the high level toilet is a perfect remodeling choice, with a tank fixed firmly high on the wall and connected to the bowl by a long flush-pipe. Reminiscent of a traditional toilet, the low level toilet design fixes the water tank on the wall above the bowl with a short flush-pipe connection.

It is highly advised to situate the toilet away from the entry door, and instead position the wash sink nearest to door. This bathroom layout is encouraged to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria to the rest of the home.

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