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With bathroom remodeling, flooring needs to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but more importantly material must be durable, skid resistant, comfortable under feet, and moisture resistant. When remodeling or replacing the bathroom flooring material, choices are endless from wood to stone and ceramic tile. Inexpensive resilient floor materials such as ceramic tiles, laminates and vinyl are leading trends within bathroom flooring remodeling.

Bathroom Flooring Remodeling NY Services include but not limited to:

If you want to infuse your bathroom with the warm look of wood, then engineered wood is a better choice over solid hardwood. Despite the luxurious appearance of wood and its warm feel under foot, moisture damages solid hardwood. The plywood base of engineered wood is resistant to moisture, and beholds the warmth facade of solid hardwood as its top layer is in fact real wood.

Stone bathroom flooring such as marble, granite, and limestone are also moisture resistant. Yet stone floors are expensive to install, feel cold under feet, and without proper sandblast, stone is not skid resistance.

Ceramic tile is a highly advised material for bathroom flooring as they are skid resistant, moisture resistant and fairly inexpensive. Further still, ceramic tiles come in array of styles and colors, even mimicking stone. However like stone, ceramic tiles are cold under feet, but heated flooring and some texturing solve this problem.

Replacing bathroom flooring with a new material is not a D.I.Y task as it involves rearranging bathroom fixtures. Hire a professional bathroom flooring contractor for a job well done.

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