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More Indoors

Most homeowners find themselves in need of more livable space, and therefore turn to indoor remodeling to make better use of existing rooms. Indoor remodeling may include simple home improvements to your bedroom or laundry room, or large scale wall demolition and room additions. Today's indoor remodeling goal is creating spacious homes that are visually pleasing and functional.

Indoor Remodeling New York services include:

Bedroom remodeling is a popular trend - especially in renovating an existing room to a master bedroom. Furniture, space lighting, fabrics and colors - all create a refuge of tranquility and calmness out of the bedroom. You can pick any design from Victorian to Art Deco, but make sure your bedroom style is calming and restful to satisfy a good night's sleep.

Like the kitchen, dining and family rooms invite home traffic, and are consequently hugely popular among indoor remodeling. Home décor such as dining tables, curtains, framed art prints, rugs, accessories and plants, all create cozy indoor environments. Lighting such as floor lamps, table lamps and overhead spots, enhance the inviting appeal shared by the dining and living rooms. Apart from cosmetic changes, dining and family rooms remodeling can involve structural changes or simply replacing windows and restoring carpets.

More people are remodeling their basements to accommodate a home office, a home cinema, or even a den. Due to the basement's underground position, moisture must be combated before plunging into remodeling or construction projects. Building and design materials need to be moisture resistant, and an HVAC system or an electric floor heating must be installed to dry off moisture. Up lighting with floor lamps or bright washers of light from spotlights and track lights will not only visually expand space, but will also illuminate dark basements.

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