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Laundry Room

The average American family spends an estimated five to seven hours a week in their laundry rooms. Although much time is spent in the laundry room, this space is often dull and uninviting. Indeed the laundry room is generally the worst planned area of the house, tucked away in remote locations. Laundry room remodeling renovates this neglected space into a functional clutter free zone which continues the overall design of the house.

Laundry room renovation incorporates attractiveness with functionality, convenience, and storage space. Remodeling NY projects elevate basement laundry rooms to upper floors, ending inconvenient carrying of heavy laundry up and down the stairs. Laundry room should be positioned away from indoor traffic zones since stepping over dirty clothes on the way to the kitchen or garage is not only inconvenient but also a safety hazard. Wall sound proofing will minimize noise vibrations in adjoining rooms.

Laundry room remodeling includes adequate storage in the form of concealed in floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets for hideaway ironing board, an open shelf, and cabinets above washer and dryer in small spaces. Together with waste baskets for dirty clothes and ones for clean clothes, open and closed storage will maintain order in the laundry room and abolish unnecessary clutter. The laundry room may even be fitted with a floor drain to protect against water damage from faulty washer hoses or overflowing washer tubs.

Modern washers and dryers, not only conserve energy and time, but have become decorative pieces. A Stacked washer/dryer is a relevant option to limited spaces, although more expensive, they save floor space. A laundry room design must provide 48 inches of clearance in front of each appliance to easily walk around open doors.

With laundry room renovation, overhead fluorescent is replaced with ample lighting for a bright yet soothing illumination of this room. Flooring can be upgraded to a colorful tile or hardwood floor. Ceramic tile flooring is a proper choice for laundry room remodeling, not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable under traffic, and moisture resistant. A splash of color on walls in the form of a splendid wallpaper or wall painting, will enliven the laundry room, and enhance the overall theme of your house.
Each and every construction job in the laundry room is done with the supervision of a local plumber.

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