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Remodeling Walls

Walls are the main building blocks of the house, providing a barrier between interior and exterior, supporting ceiling and roof, and differentiating indoor space into several rooms. Walls provide a large surface canvas for color, texture, and form to achieve a specific ambiance in any home improvement project. Apart from painting and wallpapering, remodeling walls further includes wall demolition to merge spaces, new wall construction to separate spaces, moisture proofing, insulation, and drywall or plaster wall treatment.

Remodeling NY Wall Services include but not limited to:

Wallpapering or wall painting are the popular techniques to infuse dull spaces with colorful patterns and textures. Before papering, walls need to be treated with painted coats of drywall or plaster to hide imperfections. Wallpapering is especially easy to apply, durable, and even exists in vinyl. Tougher than paper and moisture resistant, vinyl wallpapering is a great remodeling selection in kitchens and bathrooms that require vibrant patterns and versatile textures.

When remodeling underground rooms such as dens and basements, walls must undergo moisture proofing treatment, other wise water will damage your exquisite remodeling design. In very cold climates, all interior walls can be insulated to slow down heat escape, as insulation retards heat that moves from warm to cooler surfaces or spaces. Insulated walls save energy costs and reduce indoor drafts, and help to create comfortable indoor living conditions.

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