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Demolition and Disposal

Demolition is a typical requirement of remodeling-infrastructure projects that create bigger, cohesive spaces. Usually remodeling projects involve interior wall demolition, and renovation with newer, durable building materials. Wall demolition requires appropriate disposal of construction debris.

Demolition contractors will first consult with on site electricians to verify that electrical power is turned off. Contractors will then remove plaster or drywall, clean away nails, screws, plates, old wiring and plumbing layout - and tear out old framing. With demolition of drywall/plaster walls, contractors may expose problems otherwise gone unnoticed, such as termite infestations, slab leaks, and rotting - in which case the relevant journeyman will be invited to expedite repairs.

Demolition and Disposal Remodeling NY Services include but not limited to:

Large scale demolition generating high volumes of debris will require a full size disposal container - typically known as a dumpster. Municipalities will require a dumpster permit before contractors can place one on a construction site.

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