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Plumbing & Sewer

Our home infrastructure plumbing branches out into a water supply network and a further drain-waste-vent (DWV) system. Fresh water is delivered to indoor plumbing fixtures, while DWV pipes remove waste water from homes through sanitary sewers and into municipal sewer facilities.

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling typically involve extensive plumbing work, either rearranging pipelines or connecting plumbing fixtures such sinks, faucets, bathtubs, showers and toilets to the dual water supply/ DWV plumbing networks. Occasionally remodeling projects may involve a professional plumbing company to replace rusting and cracking sewer pipe lines, clear away sewer root intrusion, and flush away sewer clogs.

Plumbing & Sewer Remodeling NY Services include but not limited to:

Plumbing & sewer remodeling services range from simple plumbing fixtures repair or installation to complex sewer line operations.

Our service areas are:
Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens & Staten Island.

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