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Exterior & Interior Painting

Exterior and interior painting will do wonders to your home from disguising built-in flaws to enhancing stunning architectural features. Light, cool colors open up interior small spaces, while dark, warm shades infuse large indoor spaces with a feel of intimacy. Remodeling NY provides exterior and interior painting services to your complete satisfaction.

Color picking for your outdoors or indoors should take cue from the existing color palette of your home, to ensure absolute harmony between the different shades. That said contrast painting will set off architectural focal points such as archways and molding.

With interior design and renovations, faux finishing techniques are employed to create a textured feel to painted walls, in which a glazed coat is applied on top of a base coat. Among the spectrum of faux finishing, the most popular techniques with Remodeling NY are:

Rag Rolling – A distressed look achieved by rolling a rag dipped with glazed coat over base coat.

Frottage – Suede mimic texture achieved by rubbing a plastic sheet over wet basecoat.

Sponging – dabbing sponge, soaked with glazed coat, on top of base coat.

Venetian Plaster – Coats of colored plaster are applied on top of a base coat for a
marble look.

Exterior and interior paint is all about sheen, that is the degree of light reflected by a given color paint. Listed below are the types of exterior/interior paints available in a variety of shades by Remodeling NY:

Exterior/Interior Gloss Paint – Highly durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean, gloss paint is perfect for high use exterior elements of your home including, doors, window castings and trim-work.

Exterior/Interior Semi Gloss Paint – Apart from a lesser sheen, semi gloss shares the same qualities as gloss paint, and is therefore highly suitable for high traffic spaces including, kitchens and bathrooms.

Exterior/Interior Satin Paint – Often called eggshell or low luster exterior paint, easy to clean satin paint provides medium sheen, and is highly suitable for sidings of all scales, as well as bedrooms, walls and doors.

Exterior/Interior Flat Paint – Flat paint hides surface imperfections and thereby is good for vinyl and aluminum sidings, and the camouflage of pipes, ducts and vents.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are present in paints and primers of all kinds. As the paint dries, ages, and even crumbles off, VOCs are released into the air via off-gassing and become health hazards if inhaled into the lungs. Remodeling NY offers green interior paint, free of VOCs and other dangerous solvents, to counteract such health hazards.

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