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Greenhouse remodeling and renovation is a popular trend among the gardeners of us. Enabling all year round gardening, building a greenhouse is a dream come true for enthusiastic gardeners. Although a sweet fantasy for gardeners, a greenhouse requires high maintenance, and generates many costs in the form of electricity, water supply, automatic vents and exhaust fans. That said, greenhouse remodeling will not only enable you to garden all year round, but will also attain a functional architectural focal point to your outdoors.

Greenhouse Remodeling NY Services include but not limited to:

A successful gardening greenhouse should accommodate all your plants while not overstepping your budget limitations. Taller greenhouses are not only easier to heat and ventilate with a greater buffer area for air, but further reduce construction costs with adequate headroom designed only in the peaked center area.

Location and siding material are paramount for an energy efficient greenhouse renovation. The south or southeast sides of your house serve as optimal locations where the greenhouse will receive maximum sunlight. Glass, fiberglass, polycarbonate or polyethylene film are all greenhouse siding materials widely available.

Glass will make a beautiful greenhouse, but without double or triple strength, glass is not only fragile, but further inefficient for heating. Lighter and flexible than glass are the plastic greenhouse siding materials. Although fiberglass isn’t transparent, light penetrates fiberglass as in glass greenhouses, but unlike glass, fiberglass provides good insulation to better retain in heat. Polycarbonate is the strongest plastic greenhouse siding, transparent almost as glass, this plastic wears up to three times longer than fiberglass. For gardeners who use the greenhouse for seed starting, then polyethylene film is an inexpensive remodeling choice, despite a short lifespan of two to four years.

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