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Safety Stairs

Without construction safety and regular maintenance, stairs can become a dangerous place for anyone, especially seniors, handicapped and young children. Relevant building codes are stair safety, falls and injury prevention orientated, to minimize opportunity for severe injury to members who travel up and down stairs.

Safety Stairs Remodeling NY Services include but not limited to:

Falling results from loss of balance when ascending or descending the stairs. For falls and injury prevention, dimensions of risers or treads in a stairway should not exceed 1 cm. Depth of landing should equal width of stairs. The recommended maximum number of steps between landings is 18. A secure handrail will support your balance while going up or down stairs. The handrail should be designed for easy, quick and continuous hand grasp, with a diameter of 4-5cm and circumference of 12-14cm. Staircases should be equipped with banisters - otherwise guardrails of 40cm above surface of stairs are needed to prevent side falls.

Improving visibility on stairs significantly reduces the risk for common falls caused by misjudging distances and depths. Angular lighting and color contrast will improve depth perception, but avoid patterned carpeting that may visually hide differences in depth. Reduce the risk of slipping with non-slippery surfaces such as rubber, metal, slip-resistant paint or even carpet runners, fitted or painted on steps or on leading edges. Specifically for seniors who are unable to ascend or descent the stairs, fit a stair lift to ensure maximum senior security on your staircase.

Make sure stairwell is clutter free as well as obstacle free. Stair carpeting should be well secured to avoid tripping hazards.

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