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Curved Stairs

Curved stairs are a popular remodeling trend for small spaces in which cost effective circular or spiral staircases not only save on floor plan, but typically provide a sculptures focal point to a finely constructed room. Coming in a spectrum of designs and styles, curved stairs remodeling will envelope indoor space with timeless elegance and sleek design.

Curved Stairs Remodeling NY Services include but not limited to:

With curved stair remodeling, spiral stairs are most prevalent. Available with steps radiating out from a central pole, or in the helix configuration - spiral steps are space savors. Spiral stairs are ideal for connecting the attic with the last level, link the basement with main floor, reach two-story additions, or for secondary access to various rooms.

Circular stair types sweep in a broad curve between two levels to complement modern, traditional or contemporary remodeling designs. Available in a selection of wood species from red oak, to poplar, white oak, ash, walnut, mahogany, and cherry; curved stair add a traditional Southern Gone with the Wind ambiance. For fashion-forward aesthetics, metal curved stairs are a perfect renovation choice to suit the contemporary character of your home. From steel to aluminum, curved stairs can also come in versatile finishes from galvanized to custom color coatings.

Before plunging into your curved stair remodeling, make sure that your spiral or circular staircase fits specific building codes.

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