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Glass and Screens

Home improvement projects employ glass and screens because of their practicality and high aesthetics. With bathroom remodeling, beautiful shower and bath screens effectively contain water within the bath/shower area, and further serve as decorative focal elements. With large space remodeling, attractive screens are used as elegant zone dividers, without losing the spacious ambiance.

Glass and Screens Remodeling NY Services include but not limited to:
-Glass & Screens
-Window Glazing
-Shower Screens
-Bath Screens

Coming in many configurations and materials, bath and shower screens may swing open, fold back, slide, or pivot. With a huge selection of shower and bath screens to suit every budget, the most sought after in bathroom remodeling is the timeless glass screen. Glass contains a small quantity of iron molecules responsible for a minor green tint, slightly distorting the shade of the shower tile, when looked through. An expensive remodeling alternative is the low iron glass shower screen, an ultra clear glass with no visible tint to it. In addition to the sheer elegance of clear glass shower and bath screens, the clarity of low iron glass lets in light and opens up the bathroom's interior space. From clear glass to frosted glass screens, patterned or tinted, bath and shower screens are typically hinged directly to the shower entrance. Alternatively shower and bath screens are framed with aluminum in a spectrum of finishes, including chrome, brass, and epoxy-coated colors. If screens are not regularly cleaned, noticeable mildew may collect on shower and bath screens due to trapped bathroom moisture.

Window glass may lead to high energy loss, if not properly glazed. Glazing is the process in which two separate glass screens are hermetically sealed to sandwich in-between air space for effective heat flow resistance. High-performing window glazing must have high thermal resistance (R-value), and low heat-loss measurement (U-value) for maximum energy efficiency. Offering improved energy efficiency and suited to all climates, low-emissivity, or low-e glazing allows in light, yet blocks longer-wave radiant heat and ultraviolet rays. A low-e glazing will keep a home cool on summer days, and prevent heat escape through the window glass on cold days.

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